[DRIVER] 12mm DLC DD, providing a larger soundstage and guaranteeing more detailed dynamics

[Cables] 6N OCC cable, Less signal loss, more musical detail

[Semi-opem Design] Better release of air pressure for a soothing, natural sound

[Materials and Processes] The large ergonomic cavity is made with precision CNC workmanship and the metal and glass back panel gives it a sparkling flash

[Accessories]Three pairs of eartips and Pretty Vegan Leather Box



12mm DLC Dynamic Driver

HE03D as the fourth product of Kylin series, we choose the superior performance 12mm Density DLC dynamic driver as the core driver component to the excellent sound information and dynamic foundation of HE03D.

This 12mm DLC dynamic driver adopts a larger driver size and magnetic flux, combined with high rigidity and low self-weight DLC material, making HE03D have a better electroacoustic performance base and more beautiful sound

Semi-open Deisgn

Based on the powerful sound dynamics brought by the 5th.Gen 12mm Density DLC Dynamic Driver selected for HE03D, we adopted semi-open design that allows for better pressure release, using a release rather than absorption method to deal with excess sound energy, resulting in excellent and natural sound.

6N OCC Cables

We understand the importance of matching the driver with the cables, a suitable good cables, can make the excellent headphone.

After multiple comparison tests, HE03D finally selected a high-quality 6N OCC single crystal copper cables, to further protect it can achieve our expected sound performance.

The Idea of Tuning

We believe that only with both good sound aesthetics and sufficient technical reserves can we create a unique and clear sound.

The driver selection and acoustic structure of HE03D are built around the theme of "natural sense of density", thus presenting a natural and comfortable high-density tone.

HE03D overall sound energy balance in favor of the lower middle , the whole frequency range have a warm and natural sense of listening, in the sound image thick and solid. Together with the good sound dynamic performance, HE03D can better perform music styles.


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